New: PUSH! | "BLACK MASK!" [Official Video]

New: PUSH! | "FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME" [Official Video]


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About PUSH!

PUSH! Montana a/k/a “The Fresh Prince of New York” is a certified hustler from the streets of Brooklyn with the potential to be Hip-Hop’s next biggest superstar.  While rhymes about selling dope and stacking dough have become hip-hop’s stale cliché, PUSH! Montana livens up the scene with an original flavor.  The self described “MCEO” of Money In The Bank, LLC (M.I.B. for short) is applying the same intense focus and passion for major success that he achieves on his daily street grind, to both his music and business careers. His ultimate goal is to create classic music and a lifestyle brand capable of impacting and remaining at the forefront of Hip-Hop culture for many years to come. 

In just his early twenties, PUSH! Montana has always been well recognized for his many skills, talents and accomplishments.  However, he is most well-known for his powerful drive and determination to be the absolute best at his respective craft.  Whether during his past days as an all-city high school basketball star, hustling in the streets of New York and beyond or recent times as an MC, he consistently proves that he indeed cut from a different cloth. Through all his ups and downs, from run-ins with law, loosing family and friends to jail and murder, he handles the pressure, stays humble and maintains what matters the most to him - honor, credibility and integrity.

PUSH! Montana possesses an “old soul” and his unique upbringing and lifestyle make his movement and music authentic and refreshing.  What sets his music apart from other rappers is its gritty nature, vivid imagery and universal appeal. His charismatic, yet aggressive delivery combined with his unique flows and hard beats command attention from all types of hip-hop listeners.   PUSH! Montana is a true lyricist. He is consistently witty, displays exceptional word play and always dedicated to delivering the truth with absolute conviction. He possesses the natural ability to make a wide range of quality songs that are full of substance and heartfelt emotion.  He also has the ability to weave in wisdom, inspiration, and emotional intensity with a honest picture of his imperfections and shortcomings. His worldview is not just street or ‘gangster,’ its spiritual and philosophical, laced with strategic vision.

PUSH! Montana says it best by stating “I don’t rap about stuff that I don’t have or things I haven’t experienced. The way I see it, that’s cheating. How can you be true to yourself and what’s around you if you’re rapping about things you don’t have? Me, I speak about the moment and not through imagination.”

In late 2005, PUSH! Montana first gained notoriety as an MC on the infamous diss song, “Disgrace to B.I.G.” with his fellow comrade, Maino (Hustle Hard/Atlantic Records). This featured performance was personal, not a gimmick and it created an instant buzz on both the streets and New York City mix-tape circuit. PUSH! Montana continued to win over fans across the country with the mix-tape releases of The Fresh-Prince of New York: Volumes 1 and 2 and various appearances on popular Hip-Hop DVD’s such as Real Talk, Smack and Cocaine City.

In 2007, PUSH! Montana began working and recording with various top-notch producers and major label artists. Around this time, he collaborated with producer Hi-Tek (Talib Kweli), which lead to the street anthem “Kill You” off the Hi-Teknology 3 album. His performance on this track impressed Hi-Tek and also drew critical acclaim from well-known online and print publications such as The Source Magazine (March 2008) for its vivid story-telling and razor-sharp lyricism.

In early 2009, PUSH! Montana began concentrating on the recording of his long-awaited untitled debut album.  During this time, he also made numerous appearances on tracks with Maino and was eventually featured on “Back to Life” off Maino’s recently released Atlantic Records debut album, If Tomorrow Comes.  In addition to his impressive features, PUSH! recently released a mix-tape entitled, The Rebirth of Fresh 1.0: No Floors with producer and DJ, Don Cannon and an EP entitled, The 5 Heartbeats.  Now with a solid and growing fan base, the attention of a mainstream audience in place, PUSH! Montana is even more confident, focused and prepared to be one of the best and most influential rappers of the new school era. 

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